Club News June 2022

Century Challenge 2022

The Corsham Cycling Club Century Challenge takes place on Sunday July 17th. There is a 100km (60 mile) route and a 100 mile (160km) route. These routes are aimed primarily at riders looking to undertake longer rides than typically offered by the club. However, they are good day out for more experienced riders too! The routes have plenty of café stops and do not include ‘big’ hills – so no Bowdens or Bannerdowns. 

The usual club approach will apply: groups will have around six riders of broadly similar ability. Groups of faster and/or more experienced riders (who typically go on red or blue rides) can look after themselves. Groups with less experienced riders (typically Green+ riders) will have a group leader to ensure that the ride is at the right pace for the group.    

Both rides follow the same route as far as Malmesbury. This allows any riders who set off on the 100 mile ride to drop back to the 100km ride if they so wish. Groups will start at five minute intervals, with faster groups on the longer ride going off first. 

As these longer rides take more time to complete, the start time will be 8am

Given the need to provide ride leaders for the Century Challenge there will not be a Green ride on Sunday 17 July. 

Route details are below:

Isle of Wight in Day

On Sunday 4th September we are planning a day out to the Isle of Wight. The plan is to travel to, for example, Lymington by car then take bikes on the ferry to the island. Arrangements for travel/car sharing to the ferry would be down to individual club members.

It is our intention to offer two routes: 

  • the ‘Round the Island Ride’ a well signposted route of about sixty miles
  • a shorter route of around 30-40 miles.

We’ll set out suggested meet-up and ferry times, together with route details in due course when we’ve done the detailed planning.

Web-site update

Eagle eyed members will have spotted our latest additions to the web-site: links that take the reader to the riveting material found in the Club Constitution and the published minutes of the Club Committee. See the link below:  

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