We would love you to come and join us at Corsham Cycling Club.

First we’d advise you to come along to one of our regular rides. The Sunday Social ride is a good place to start. Get a feel for the club, and decide if it’s a club that suits what you are after.

New Memberships and Renewals

We are an officially affiliated club of British Cycling. The only way to join or renew your membership is online through British Cycling. You don’t have to be a member of British Cycling to join Corsham Cycling Club, but we do advise it for all the benefits it does give.

Follow the link below and click “Join Our Club”:

British Cycling – Corsham Cycling Club Membership Page

Corsham Running Club member’s discounts

We are friends with Corsham Running Club, any member of Corsham Running Club gains a **£5** discount to membership of Corsham Cycling Club.

Membership Fees

Full Adult Corsham Cycling Club Membership: £20
Full Adult Corsham Cycling Club Membership with CRC discount: £15


Parental Consent

Corsham Cycling Club has adopted British Cycling’s policy on Safeguarding & Protecting children, and to comply with this we need a signed parental consent form the first time any rider under age 18 participates in a Corsham Cycling Club activity.

Additionally, riders under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or carer. The parental consent form should be handed by the parent or carer to the ride leader or any other club official before the youth’s first ride. Please contact Corsham Cycling Club in the first instance.

Please bear in mind this is a Road Cycling Club and therefore ride on the open road.