Route Schedule

Group riding arrangements

As a general rule, we have groups of six riders on the road as this group size works well for safe riding. If more than six riders turn up for a particular ride, then they can sort themselves into appropriate group sizes on the day. Occasionally it may be appropriate to ride with more than six but in such circumstances the group should be prepared to split on busy and/or narrow roads and may have to split at the café stop.

If there is more than one group riding the same route, then please ensure there are several minutes between groups on the road.

Ride leaders

Where possible we try to provide ride leaders for all groups. However, Red, Blue, Orange and some Green+ groups are comprised typically of at least some experienced riders with some local knowledge and a cycle computer with a map/route function. On those occasions where there is no designated ride leader we believe riders in those groups can work together to support each other on the ride.

The exception to this approach is with the Green group and some Green + rides, where less experienced riders are more likely to begin their club riding. For these groups at least one ride leader – an experienced rider – will be pre-designated.

We would encourage you where possible to download the route to your cycling computer and be able to follow it. In those group rides without a designated ride leader, please work together to support each other through the ride.

General Guidance

Please do not join a club ride if you are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of any illness. There will always be another ride next week! In relation to Covid-19, please keep up to date with, and adhere to, national and local guidelines.

Please make sure you have enough provisions in the event the ride is unable to stop at a café, or as occasionally happens the café is unexpectedly closed. .

Always wear a cycling helmet when cycling with the club.

Club rides take place all through the year and inevitably we will find ourselves riding in bad weather. The main reasons for cancelling rides are strong winds and/or icy road conditions which make riding, especially in groups, unsafe. When club rides are cancelled, we will put a note on the ride schedule table above. Please check the website and/or the club Facebook site on the morning of the ride if the weather is poor.

For further guidance on how to ride in a group, please see ‘General Riding Etiquette

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